Esthetics Surgery

Esthetics Surgery2021-02-23T20:47:37-05:00

Creating Immediate Esthetics with Periodontics

Some patients have perfectly healthy teeth that are straight and aligned well, but they just don’t look attractive. This is referred to as a “gummy smile”.

Dr. Wallace can help to change a gummy smile. Although your teeth may appear short, they may actually be the proper length. There can be simply be too much gum tissue; some cases like this are a result of taking certain medications, or mouth breathing when sleeping due to airway issues. We can correct this by performing our simple periodontal plastic surgery procedure. This is done for all teeth involved at one visit, creating instant esthetically pleasing smile results.

With this procedure, gum tissue is reshaped to create a symmetrical relationship and proper tooth length to expose more of the natural tooth. This results in an immediately beautiful smile!

In other cases, there can be a combination of mis-matched gum tissue position along with defective crowns that have unesthetic color and shape. Decay and recession may be contributory to poor esthetics as well.

In such a situation we can correct the gum tissue positioning gaining reattachment, and then have our restorative dentist colleagues construct crowns with better contours and color to make a dramatic difference in appearance!