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5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Chosen To Replace Missing Teeth

  • Implants do not decay as natural teeth can
  • Implants rarely break
  • Function for a lifetime can be expected
  • Comfort and normal function is restored
  • Facial esthetic appearance is improved and maintained

Dental implants are made of precision shaped titanium with special surface treatment to promote bone growth around the implant, holding it solidly in place. Our patients tell us that they forget they have  implants replacing natural teeth. 

Our implants are made in the U.S.A. by BioHorizons Corporation located in Birmingham, Alabama. They are precision engineered and F.D.A. approved for surgical implantation. 

Dr. Wallace will recommend specific implant locations based on the optimal positioning to restore patients to comfort and function. Bridgework with implants can be done in a conservative manner to replace multiple missing teeth. 

After Implants Are Placed

Dental implants are indicated to support single crowns to replace single missing teeth, multiple crowns to support more extensive oral reconstructions and when necessary, as anchors to stabilize and retain prostheses replacing all teeth. 

Cost and Time

Implants are covered in different ways by third party insurance carriers. Due to this, each insured patient’s treatment plan is submitted to their insurance company for a quote before treatment is begun. This eliminates any unexpected expenses during treatment. 

Single implants typically require time for bone to grow to it, making a part of the body. 4 months is the average time after placement to proceed with tooth reconstruction. 

However, in specific cases it is possible to place implants and the teeth to fit on them in a single day. 

Maintenance and Preventive Care

Dr. Wallace has implant patients return for x-rays and oral examination of their implant sites yearly so as to make sure no complications arise that need prompt attention. He recommends preventive care with hygienist staff every 3 months so as to have optimal oral health long term.

How Do I Find Out About Implants For Me?

You do not have to be referred to us, simply call us at 910-343-0444 or email at office@wallace-periodontics-and-implants.websitepro.hosting for an appointment. Let our staff know you want to see if implants are right for you. Our office in Wilmington is near New Hanover Regional Medical Center on 2525 Delaney Avenue