As a courtesy to you we will assist you in filing your dental insurance claims. It is required that you present us with your correct insurance information (name, address, phone number, & group number) via an insurance card or claim form at the time of your appointment. If you do not have this information with you at the time of your appointment we will NOT be able to file your claim.

I am not a participating provider with ANY insurance company so no differences between my charge and the insurance UCR will be done.

In order to keep down our cost to you, we do request that your fees for evaluations, x-rays and periodontal maintenance recalls be paid in full at the time of your appointment. We will gladly file the paperwork to your insurance company to directly reimburse you. All subsequent fees for active therapy, such as periodontal scaling & root planning and surgical procedures, will be reduced by the amount of insurance benefits that have been determined to be available for you from your policy provisions. However, if you are covered by two dental insurance policies, benefits from the primary carrier will be accepted while the secondary will reimburse you directly.

We offer our services based on the mutual understanding that our patients are responsible for all fees and treatments. If your insurance company does not respond within 90 days of our filing your claim we will turn the responsibility of collecting their fees over to you. We appreciate you coming to us for your care, and we will do everything possible to assure that you receive the maximum benefits provided by your insurance plan.

If you are covered by a AFLAC, BCBS, Delta Dental, Mailhandlers & GEHA plan we will gladly file the insurance claim for your direct reimbursement for ALL services performed.