Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics2020-01-22T18:47:53-05:00

We are pleased to implement a new treatment method especially for adults who want to improve their smiles with orthodontics. Typical orthodontic treatment takes 1-2 years whether using traditional braces (wires and brackets on teeth) or Invisalign®(clear plastic trays to move teeth).

The method accelerates tooth movement up to 50%. Recent studies from Belgium and other sites around the world validated and supported the original evidence and technique from Boston University, indicating this is a valuable and time saving technique.

Piezocision® is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done in one appointment. Patients having the procedure typically take over-the-counter pain medication for a couple of days afterward, do not have significant swelling and return to normal lives immediately. Your dentist or orthodontist then manages the tooth movement, while we monitor the gum and jawbone healing.

The increased plasticity effect of bone lasts about 3 months, while the teeth are quickly moved. Afterward, bone goes back to normal and teeth are straight and solid. This method reduces possible damage to teeth during movement, does not affect periodontal support and can be combined with other procedures to correct gum recession and even increase bone support.